Brett Lee Marriage Photos

Brett Lee Marriage Photos
January 10, 2017 marriagephotos

Brett Lee

Wife Name: Australian pacer Brett lee marriedElizabeth kemp and due to his busy schedule, she divorced him, on the basis of negligence term.

Marriage date: Australian cricket pacer Brett lee married kemp on June 2006 and inNew South Wales,Australia.

Marriage locations: Australian cricketer Brett lee, married was performed inNew South Wales in a lavish way and his two brothers rocked the night with their music.

Children: Brett Lee has a son named Preston Charles, who as born on November 16th, 2006.

Guests:Australia’s whole cricket team was present at the Brett lee marriage ceremony and the Australian cricket board, presented him with a honeymoon suite.

Photos: Brett Lee marriage photos are updated below.

Video: Brett Lee marriage video will be updated soon.


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