Carmen Electra Marriage Photos

Carmen Electra Marriage Photos
January 10, 2017 marriagephotos

Carmen Electra

First Husband name: ‘Dirty Love’ actress Carmen Electra married basket ball star Dennis Rodman in 1998 and the wedding ended in the year 1999.

Second husband name: then the beautiful looking Carmen Electra married Dave Navarro who was a guitarist and in three years they announced their separation.

Third husband: actress Carmen Electra is now engaged to Rob Patterson who is a member of a hard rock band FILTER.

Marriage date: the first marriage of Carmen Electra took place in November 1998 and ended in April 1999. The second marriage took place in November 22nd, 2003 and ended in February 20th, 2007 in an official way. The engagement with Rob and Carmen took place in April 2008.

Marriage Location: the marriage location of Carmen Electra first marriage is reported to be at little chapel of the flowers, located in Las Vegas ofNevada.

Children: actress Carmen Electra has no children presently. 

Guests: The celebrity guest list, who attended the marriages of actress Carmen Electra, is yet to be revealed

Photos: ‘American vampire’ Carmen Electra marriage photos are updated above.

Videos: ‘Scary movie 4’ star Carmen Electra wedding video will be updated here soon.


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