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Chiranjeevi Marriage Photos




Wife name: Chiranjeevi married Surekha who was daughter of late Telugu film comedian Allu Ramalingiah and it was an arranged marriage.


Marriage date: Chiranjeevi marriage date is 1979


Marriage location: Chiranjeevi marriage venue was in West Godavari


Children: Chiranjeevi and his wife Surekha have three children named Sushmitha- born in 1982, Ram Charan Teja – born in 1984 and Sreeja- born in 1986


Guests: since Chiranjeevi was in budding stages of his career, not many big celebrities attended his marriage. However, due to his father on law, ramalingaih, actors like Ravu gopal Rao, Raj babu, attended the marriage ceremony


Photos: Chiranjeevi marriage Photos are lined up below


Videos: Chiranjeevi marriage video will also updated shortly.




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