Dev Anand Marriage Photos

Dev Anand Marriage Photos
November 24, 2016 marriagephotos

Dev Anand


Wife name: Dev anand married Kalpana Karthik which was an arranged marriage and was performed against the willingness of dev as he was not ready for marriage, at that point of time. But seeing the good nature of Kalpana, his wife, he fell in love with her.


Marriage date: Dev Anand marriage date is 1954


Marriage location: the marriage venue was inPunjab


Children: Dev Anand and his wife Kalpana Karthik have a son named Suniel anand, who was born in 1956 and a daughtre named Devina


Guests: unavailable


Photos: Dev Anand marriage Photos are lined up below


Videos: Dev Anand marriage video will also updated shortly.


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