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Elizabeth Perkins Marriage Photos

Elizabeth Perkins

First Husband name: Actress Elizabeth Perkins married film director named terry Kinney fromChicago, which ended in 2000.

Second Husband name: Actress Elizabeth married Julio macat, who is cinematographer from Argentina.  

Marriage date:  the first marriage of Elizabeth Perkins happened in 1984 and the divorce happened in 1988. She then married second time in June 17th, 2000 and she is presently in relationship with him.

Marriage Location: the marriage of Elizabeth Perkins inNew York, which happens to be her home town.

Children: actress Elizabeth Perkins has a daughter named Hannah Phillips from her first marriage, born in 1991.

Guests: the guest list who attended the wedding of Elizabeth Perkins is yet to be revealed. .

Photos: ‘The Flintstones’ actress Elizabeth Perkins marriage photos are updated above.           

Videos: “Cats & dogs” fame actress Elizabeth Perkins wedding video will be updated here soon.


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