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Keanu Reeves Marriage Photos

Keanu Reeves

Wife Name: “The Matrix” Actor Keanu Reeves, according to the media was never married. But he declared on a radio chat that he is committed to his girlfriend Jennifer Syme and will never think of going for another relationship or marriage.  

Marriage date: ‘Point Break’ Keanu reeves started dating Jennifer syme from and admitted that they are married from the year 1996 in a verbal way.

Marriage Location: there is no marriage location for actor Keanu reeves, as he is not formally married.

Children: HAMLET actor Keanu reeves and his girlfriend Jennifer became parents with the daughter Ava archer syme, who was declared dead in the fetus, due to complications arising after an accident.

Guests: The guest list of actor Keanu reeves marriage is yet to be revealed to the media.

Photos: MTV Award winning actor Keanu reeves wedding photos will be updated as soon as he gets into a martial bliss.                                                                                                                                               

Videos: “SPEED” star actor Keanu Reeves marriage video will be updated in a short period of time.


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