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Madhuri Dixit Marriage Photos

Madhuri Dixit

Husband name: actress Madhuri Dixit married Dr. Shriram nene Madhav, who is a heart surgeon inDenver,United states. It was an arranged marriage and was performed according to the customs of Marathi Brahmin customs

Marriage date: actress Madhuri Dixit marriage was held in the year 1991 and it was a arranged marriage.

Marriage Location: actress Madhuri Dixit marriage was performed inUnited States at the residence of Dr. Nene.

Children: actress Madhuri Dixit has two sons named Arin, who was born in March 2003 and second son named Raayan, born in March 2005.

Guests: the marriage was an exclusive private ceremony and so no celebrities were present at the marriage of Madhuri Dixit.

Photos: actress Madhuri Dixit marriage photos are available below

Videos: actress Madhuri Dixit video of her wedding will be updated soon.

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