Marcelo Rios Marriage Photos

Marcelo Rios Marriage Photos
January 7, 2017 marriagephotos

Marcelo Rios

First Wife Name: Chile born tennis champion Marcelo Rios married Giuliana Sotela, fromCosta Rica and the marriage lasted for 4 years.

Second Wife Name: Tennis champion Marcelo Rios then married Model Maria Eugenia Kenita Larrain and in a public fight, they broke of their marriage legally.

Third Wife Name: The Rios married for the third time, Paula Pavic and is now leading a successful martial life with her. 

Marriage date: Rios married Sotela in December 2000 and the marriage ended on March 2004. Then he married Model Maria Larrain in April 2005 and broke up legally in 2007. His marriage with Paula took place in May 2009.

Marriage Location: the first marriage ceremony of Marcela took place inSantiago and then the second marriage took place inCosta Rica. Rios married Paula inSantiago church and he announced that, he was a lucky man to get a wife like Paula as life partner.

Children: Rios has a daughter named Constanza, born on June 2001 from his first wife Sotela. Then he has two daughters named Isidora and Colomba, born on December 2008 and June 2010 respectively.

Guests: the celebrity guest list present at the marriage of Marcelo Rios is unavailable.

Photos: winner of 5 masters series title Marcelo Rios marriage photos are available below.

Videos: Marcelo Rios marriage video will be updated soon.


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