Puneeth Rajkumar Marriage Photos

Puneeth Rajkumar Marriage Photos
September 23, 2016 marriagephotos

Puneeth Rajkumar


Wife name: Kannada actor Puneeth Rajkumar married Aswini Rewanth, which was an arranged marriage


Marriage date: the marriage of Kannada actor Puneeth with Aswini took place in 1999


Marriage location: the marriage of Puneeth and Aswini happened in bengaluru.


Children: Puneet Rajkumar and his wife have two daughters named Drithi and Vandhita.

Guests: almost all the Kannada cinema celebrities and political dignitaries graced the occasion of the marriage of Puneet Rajkumar.


Photos: actor Puneeth Rajkumar wedding Photos are lined up below


Videos: actor Puneeth Rajkumar Marriage video will also updated shortly


  1. gouthami 5 years ago

    hay puneeth,i am the greatest fan of you ,my life’s greatest ambition is to meet you and all the best for your films and kannadada kotyadhipati

  2. N.R..DEEPAK RAJ 5 years ago

    pueeth good deepufamil ape

  3. Bhavya 5 years ago

    Good pair

  4. Arun 5 years ago

    Hi Puneeth sir i am the greatest fan of you ,my life’s greatest ambition is to meet you and all the best for your films and kannadada kotyadhipati is coming very good for entertainment and all the best for your upcoming films .

  5. rathna 5 years ago

    All the best kannadada kotyadhipati, please send me Dr. Rajkumar voriginal photos please appu.

  6. latha 5 years ago

    All the best kannadada kotyadhipati

  7. guddi m s 5 years ago


  8. kausar c hamsagar 5 years ago

    give me puneeth sir phone number

    • kausar c hamsagar 5 years ago

      puneethrajkumar is my favorite star i like yor acting and your show Kannada kotiyadhipathi pleas one chans i m big fan of you

  9. niharika.v.pandit 5 years ago

    hi appu uncle im ur fan

  10. sharanagoud patil 5 years ago

    appu sir best actor

  11. jeevan 5 years ago

    nice pair. iam fan of you

  12. Aras 5 years ago

    Hai puneeth sir am one of your fan . My future dream is direct one film for you

  13. Kavya 5 years ago

    loved it
    al d best for upcoming movies sir

  14. Hanumanth 5 years ago

    hi appu sir superb

  15. Divya pamadi 4 years ago

    Hi anna bond i and my sis s greatest fan of u my ambition s to meet u and all the best for ur film yare kugadali and up coming movies

  16. aishwarya c rao 4 years ago

    HI, how are you there how are your family please start again kotiyadipathi

  17. nayak 4 years ago

    Hi appu sir,please maintain number 1 place

  18. nayak 4 years ago

    Best of luck for yare koogadali,I and every body know this film pakka 100 days

  19. bhavanibhavi 4 years ago

    hai power star appu anna how r u? all the best for ur future film

  20. muttu 4 years ago

    hi puneeth all the best next movie yare kugadali

  21. Soumya 4 years ago

    Sir, when i met u i dint spoke anything now iam feeling for that hope ll meet once again…

  22. Raghavendra Kumar S.P. 4 years ago

    Dear Appu Sir,

    I am one of the biggest fan of you. I want to see and talk with you once in my life. Your dance, fight, acting fabulous. You only youth icon in Kannada Industry. Nobody can reach you. Because that much tallent you have. All the best for your next Movie “NINNINDALE” and ” KANNADADA KOTYADIPATI SEASON 2″. We always with you.

  23. likithavasudev 4 years ago

    hi sir i lv u a lot i want to meet u so pls grant me ur permission
    frm likithavasudev

  24. ashwini 4 years ago

    i am a big fan for u .i want u meet u sir

  25. manju 4 years ago


  26. vinay 4 years ago

    hi puneeth which is your next movie & i wish good luck for u

  27. vandana 4 years ago

    I love u appu ur the best acter in the film inderster

  28. shanthi 4 years ago

    I like ur acting appu i love u vrey much then my life

  29. Basavaraj.sankratti

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