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Saurav Ganguly Marriage Photos

Saurav Ganguly

Wife Name: former Indian cricket captain Saurav Ganguly married Dona Ganguly, which was a love marriage. Dona was his neighbor and they both fell in love, in their teenage. Both side elders were not on talking terms, due to disputes and so ganguly eloped with Dona and married her, in a secret wedding ceremony.

Marriage date: the marriage date of Saurav ganguly with Dona is kept as a secret

Marriage Location: the marriage ceremony of saurav ganguly and Dona took place in a Mata temple in kolkata.

Children: Indian cricketer saurav ganguly has a daughter namedSana and he is a loving and caring dad.

Guests: The celebrity guests list of saurav ganguly marriage is unavailable right now.

Photos: Saurav Ganguly marriage photos will be updated soon.

Videos: Saurav Ganguly wedding video will be updated in a short period of time.


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