Siva Balaji Marriage Photos

Siva Balaji Marriage Photos
January 7, 2017 marriagephotos

Siva Balaji

Wife Name: Telugu film actor Siva Balaji, who has also worked in Tamil films, married his longtime girlfriend Madhumita aka Swapna Madhuri, who is also a Tamil & Telugu actress.

Marriage date: actor Siva balaji married Madhumita aka Swapna Madhuri on March 1st, 2009, which was a close knit family affair.

Marriage Location: the marriage ceremony of Siva balaji took place at Kalinga Function hall, which is inHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Children: actor Siva balaji is going to become a father soon, as his wife Madhumita is expecting.

Guests: actors such as pawn kalyan, Venu Madhav, vadde Naveen, Sudhakar, prithiviraj, Chandra Mohan, attended the wedding ceremony of Siva balaji.

Photos: Siva balaji wedding photos are available below.

Videos: Siva balaji wedding video will be updated in a short period of time.


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